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  1. End-to-End Rationale Reconstruction [draft]
    Mouna Dhaouadi, Bentley Oakes, Michalis Famelis
    to appear in ASE NIER
  2. Fine-grained Analysis of Similar Code Snippets [draft]
    Jessie Galasso, Houari Sahraoui, Michalis Famelis
  3. Code Sophistication: From Code Recommendation to Logic Recommendation [arXiv]
    Jessie Galasso, Michalis Famelis, Houari Sahraoui
  4. Building Domain-Specific Machine Learning Workflows: A Conceptual Framework for the State-of-the-Practice [arXiv]
  5. Automated Extraction and Checking of Property Models from Source Code for Robot Swarms [slides]
    Ettore Merlo, Carlo Pinciroli, Jacopo Panerati, Michalis Famelis, Giovanni Beltrame,
    to appear in RoSE’22


  1. Towards a Generic Method for Articulating Design-time Uncertainty, [draft|video|video]
    Mouna Dhaouadi, Kate M. B. Spencer, Megan H. Varnum, Alicia M. Grubb, Michalis Famelis,
    Journal of Object Technology/ECMFA 2021
  2. Checking temporal patterns of API usage without code execution, [draft|video|slides]
    Erick Raelijohn, Michalis Famelis, Houari Sahraoui
    FormaliSE 2021
  3. Towards Checking Consistency-Breaking Updates between Models and Generated Artifacts [draft|slides],
    MohammadAmin Zaheri, Michalis Famelis, Eugene Syriani
  4. Metamodel Refactoring using Constraint Solving: a Quality-based Perspective [draft],
    Oussama Ben Sghaier, Houari Sahraoui, Michalis Famelis
  5. Living with Uncertainty in Model-Based Development,
    Simona Bernardi, Michalis Famelis, Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Raffaela Mirandola, Diego Perez Palacin, Fiona A. C. Polack, Catia Trubiani
    Chapter in the book “Composing Model-Based Analysis Tools”


  1. Towards Assisting Developers in API Usage by Automated Recovery of Complex Temporal Patterns, [draft]
    Mohamed Aymen Saied, Erick Raelijohn, Edouard Batot, Michalis Famelis, Houari Sahraoui
    Information and Software Technology
  2. A Vision Towards A Conceptual Basis for the Systematic Treatment of Uncertainty in Goal Modelling, [draft|video]
    Sanaa Alwidian, Mouna Dhaouadi, Michalis Famelis
  3. Can Refactorings Indicate Design Tradeoffs? [draft|video]
    Thomas Schweizer, Vassilis Zafeiris, Marios Fokaefs, Michalis Famelis


  1. A Vision for Helping Developers Use APIs by Leveraging Temporal Patterns, [pdf|slides]
    Erick Raelijohn, Michalis Famelis, Houari Sahraoui
    FormaliSE 2019
  2. Locating Latent Design Information in Developer Discussions: A Study on Pull Requests, [draft]
    Giovanni Viviani, Michalis Famelis, Xin Xia, Calahan Janik-Jones, Gail C. Murphy
    IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
    Invited for Journal-first presentation at ICSE 2020.
  3. Contents for a Model-Based Software Engineering Body of Knowledge,
    Loli Burgueño, Federico Ciccozzi, Michalis Famelis, Gerti Kappel, Leen Lambers, Sebastien Mosser, Richard F. Paige, Alfonso Pierantonio, Arend Rensink, Rick Salay, Gabriele Taentzer, Antonio Vallecillo, Manuel Wimmer
  4. Towards Reasoning about Product Lines with Design Choices, [draft|slides]
    Navpreet Kaur, Michalis Famelis
    MoDeVVa 2019


  1. The Structure of Software Design Discussions, [pdf]
    Giovanni Viviani, Calahan Janik-Jones, Michalis Famelis, Gail C. Murphy,
    CHASE 2018
  2. What Design Topics do Developers Discuss?, [pdf]
    Giovanni Viviani, Calahan Janik-Jones, Michalis Famelis, Xin Xia, Gail C. Murphy,
    ICPC 2018 ERA
  3. Towards the Automated Recovery of Complex Temporal API-Usage Patterns, [pdf]
    Mohamed Aymen Saied, Houari Sahraoui, Edouard Batot, Michalis Famelis, P-O Talbot,
    GECCO 2018
  4. Towards a Body of Knowledge for Model-Based Software Engineering,
    Federico Ciccozzi, Michalis Famelis, Gerti Kappel, Leen
    Lambers, Sebastien Mosser, Richard Paige, Alfonso Pierantonio, Arend Rensink, Rick Salay, Gabi Taentzer, Antonio Vallecillo and Manuel Wimmer
    MODELS 2018 Educators Symposium
  5. How do we teach Modelling and Model-Driven Engineering? A survey,
    Alfonso Pierantonio, Federico Ciccozzi, Michalis Famelis, Gerti Kappel, Leen Lembers, Sebastien Mosser, Richard Paige, Arend Rensink, Rick Salay, Gabriele Taentzer, Antonio Vallecillo and Manuel Wimmer
    MODELS 2018 Educators Symposium


  1. Managing Design-Time Uncertainty, [pdf]
    Michalis Famelis and Marsha Chechik,
    SOSYM, March 2017,
    SoSyM 2017 Best Paper Award,
    Invited for presentation to MODELS 2017 [abstract|slides].
  2. Software Product Lines with Design Choices: Reasoning about Variability and Design Uncertainty, [draft|slides]
    Michalis Famelis, Julia Rubin, Krzysztof Czarnecki, Rick Salay and Marsha Chechik,
    MODELS 2017.
  3. Heuristic-based Recommendation for Metamodel–OCL Coevolution [slides],
    Edouard Batot, Wael Kessentini, Houari Sahraoui and Michalis Famelis,
    MODELS 2017.
  4. Supporting Consensus-based Software Development: a Vision Paper, [draft|slides]
    Mathieu Lavallée, Guillaume Beaulieu, Michalis Famelis,


  1. Managing Design-Time Uncertainty in Software Models[pdf|slides]
    PhD thesis, University of Toronto, 2016
  2. Perspectives of Model Transformation Reuse [pdf]
    Marsha Chechik, Michalis Famelis, Rick Salay and Daniel Strüber,
    iFM 2016.


  1. Verification of Uncertainty Reducing Model Transformations [pdf]
    Rick Salay, Marsha Chechik, Michalis Famelis and Jan Gorzny,
    Journal of Object Technology, Volume 14, no. 3 (August 2015).
  2. MU-MMINT: an IDE for Model Uncertainty [pdf|video]
    Michalis Famelis, Naama Ben-David, Alessio Di Sandro, Rick Salay, and Marsha Chechik
    ICSE 2015 Demonstrations track.
  3. Migrating Automotive Product Lines: a Case Study [pdf|slides]
    Michalis Famelis, Levi Lúcio, Gehan Selim, Alessio Di Sandro, Rick Salay, Marsha Chechik, James R Cordy, Juergen Dingel, Hans Vangheluwe, and Ramesh S
    ICMT 2015
    Best Applications Track Paper Award
  4. MMINT: A Graphical Tool for Interactive Model Management [pdf|video]
    Alessio Di Sandro, Rick Salay, Michalis Famelis, Sahar Kokaly, Marsha Chechik,
    MODELS 2015 demonstrations track.


  1. Lifting Model Transformations to Product Lines [pdf]
    Rick Salay, Michalis Famelis, Julia Rubin, Alessio di Sandro, Marsha Chechik,
    ICSE 2014.
  2. Using Developer Conversations to Resolve Uncertainty in Software Development: A Position Paper [pdf|slides]
    Ahmed Mashiyat, Michalis Famelis, Rick Salay and Marsha Chechik,
    RSSE 2014 at ICSE 2014


  1. MAV-Vis: a Notation for Model Uncertainty [pdf|slides|poster|slideshare]
    Michalis Famelis and Stephanie Santosa,
    MiSE 2013 at ICSE 2013.
  2. Transformation of Models Containing Uncertainty [pdf|slides|slideashare|poster]
    Michalis Famelis, Rick Salay, Alessio Di Sandro, Marsha Chechik,
    MODELS 2013.
  3. Research Questions for Validation and Verification in the Context of Model-Based Engineering  [pdf|slideshare]
    Catherine Dubois, Michalis Famelis, Martin Gogolla, Leonel Nobrega, Ileana Ober, Martina Seidl and Markus Voelter,
    MoDeVVa 2013 at MODELS 2013.
  4. Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Model Driven Engineering, Verification and Validation MoDeVVa 2013
    Frédéric Boulanger, Michalis Famelis, Daniel Ratiu (Editors)
    MODELS 2013


  1. Partial Models: Towards Modeling and Reasoning with Uncertainty [pdf|talk|slideshare]
    Michalis Famelis, Rick Salay and Marsha Chechik,
    ICSE 2012.
    ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award 
  2. Language Independent Renement using Partial Modeling [pdf]
    Rick Salay, Michalis Famelis and Marsha Chechik,
    FASE 2012
  3. The Semantics of Partial Model Transformations [pdf|slides|poster|slideshare]
    Michalis Famelis, Rick Salay and Marsha Chechik,
    MiSE 2012 at ICSE 2012.
  4. Comparing the Effectiveness of Reasoning Formalisms for Partial Models [pdf|slideshare]
    Pooya Saadatpanah, Michalis Famelis, Jan GorznyNathan Robinson, Marsha Chechik, Rick Salay,
    MoDeVVa 2012 at MODELS 2012.
  5. Uncertainty Management With Partial Models [pdf|slideshare]
    Doctoral Symposium at MODELS 2012.
  6. MoDeVVa 2012 Workshop Summary [pdf]
    Frédéric Boulanger, Michalis Famelis, Frederic FondementLevi Lúcio,  Stephan Weißleder
    MoDeVVa 2012 at MODELS 2012.


  1. Partial models: A position paper [pdf|slides]
    Michalis Famelis, Shoham Ben-DavidMarsha Chechik and Rick Salay,
    MoDeVVA 2011 at MODELS 2011.

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