“Partial models: A position paper”

In a couple of weeks I will be travelling to New Zealand to  present a position paper that we wrote with Marsha Chechik, Shoham Ben-David and Rick Salay titled “Partial models: A position paper” [pdf] in the 2011 MoDeVVa workshop, which is co-located with MODELS 2011. Here’s the abstract:

Model-based software development inevitably involves dealing with incomplete information. Yet, MDE methodologies rarely, if ever, address uncertainty in a systematic way. Drawing inspiration from the field of behavioural modeling, we propose to use partial models as first-class development artifacts to abstract, reason with, visualize and manipulate sets of possible alternative models. Aiming to set up a research agenda for a systematic and robust treatment of uncertainty in MDE, we discuss how uncertainty can be captured by partial models, and how these models can be validated and correctly refined.

Slides to follow, as soon as I prepare them.  🙂


2 comments on ““Partial models: A position paper””
  1. Ricardo says:

    Seems interesting. Do you mean some kind of round trip?

    1. plagal says:

      No, I’m talking in the context of development: you are unsure of how to proceed, you use partial models, you continue working and when you get more information you return to concrete models. Take a look at the paper, it’s a short paper (4 pages).

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