Two new feeds

(This is an UPDATED version of an earlier post)

Good week for the Planet Planet DCS@UofT: two new feeds were added.

The iSchool Podcast feed was added on Friday. I learned about the iSchool Podcast from Greg Wilson’s recent post about Charles Petzold’s talk being available online. From the Podcast’s “about” section:

The iSchool Podcast is a project to bring some of the many interesting public lectures on the evolution of information (book history, evolution of the Internet, privacy etc) given at the University of Toronto to a wider audience. The project was dreamed up in the spring of 2008 when one Master’s student, Bruce Harpham, discovered that he was missing many fascinating lectures at the Faculty of Information due to commuting and work commitments.

And on Sunday, Steve Easterbrook started blogging, which is indeed great news. This is what he declares as the mission statement of his blog:

I started this blog because, after many years doing research in software engineering, I’m redirecting my research to address the challenge of climate change. I’m hoping the blog will help me document the journey. If I can find time to write stuff for it, that is.

In fact, go ahead and do read his first post on the matter, it is inspiring.

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