my.access bookmarklet

Our beloved UofT Library system offers my.access, a wonderful service that allows us to access articles on electronic journals while not on the UofT network. And I’m too lazy to read up on how to set up VPN.

So I made a simple bookmarklet that automatically redirects pages such as this to the equivalent my.access page. I’ve tested it with ACM, IEEE and Springer and it works. If you think that’s useful, you can make your own by creating a bookmark somewhere convenient (such as the bookmarks toolbar) and putting the following javascript code in the place of the link:


(my command of javascript is a bit like my command of Spanish, i.e. almost non-existent, so any ideas on how to make the above snippet slicker, are welcome)


One comment on “my.access bookmarklet”
  1. barghouthi says:

    Thank you!

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