Eclipse Modeling Day in Toronto, Nov18

I just read on Ian Skerrett’s blog that the Eclipse Foundation announced the organisation of Eclipse Modeling Days in New York City and Toronto. In Toronto, it will happen on Wednesday, November 18 in IBM’s Toronto Lab in Markham.

According to the press release:

This day-long event is your opportunity to learn about the Eclipse Modeling projects and understand how they can help your organization adopt a model driven development approach.

Some of the abstracts for the sessions can be found here.

Attendance is free but people must register. You can find more information about how to register, as well as about the agenda of the event on the relevant Eclipse wiki page.


3 comments on “Eclipse Modeling Day in Toronto, Nov18”
  1. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

    1. plagal says:

      Sure, no problem 🙂

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