Category feeds are perfectly good

I just got an email from one of the people whose blogs are syndicated in the Planet, who asked me to not syndicate the feed for his entire blog, but the feed that is generated for just the posts that he classifies under a specific category, relevant to his academic activities.

That is a very neat idea for people who are not comfortable with having everything syndicated. I know that WordPress generates feeds for individual categories and I’m pretty sure that even if other platforms don’t offer such a feed directly, a Yahoo Pipe can do the trick.

So if you feel uncomfortable about your opinions about last night’s Leafs game being syndicated, just drop me a line. Not that opinions about last night’s Leafs game are not welcome in the Planet (au contraire!), but know that you do have the choice.


One comment on “Category feeds are perfectly good”
  1. plagal says:

    It seems that the above was a bit over-optimistic… 😦

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