IFT 6251 – Sujets en génie logiciel – Hiver 2018

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Understanding, Modelling, and Reasoning about Software: Empirical and Formal software engineering methods are increasingly used synergistically to make the creation of software-based systems faster and safer. This course introduces students to key emerging techniques and technologies for Empirical SE and Formal Methods. The goal is to present a synthesis of recent developments in software engineering research and practice and identify opportunities for practical, evidence-based improvements to SE practice.

Per student request, the course (lectures, material, and student deliverables) will be in English.

Enseignant / Instructor:

Michalis Famelis, office: AA2343, email: famelis@iro.umontreal.ca

Office hours: by appointment

Cours / Classes

  • Tuesdays 09:30 – 11:29 S1-125 Pav. Jean Coutu
  • Thursdays 09:30 – 11:29 S1-139 Pav. Jean Coutu