Me wanna Xtext

(The funny part is that) I haven’t actually even touched Xtext yet, but I am utterly excited to participate to the Building DSLs with Xtext session at the coming Eclipse Modeling Day. I spent some time with Omar Badreddin at CASCON last week discussing, among other things, code generators and textual modeling and the like and Xtext came up at some point, sparking my interest for it.

But the thing that definitely changed my attitude from “hey this is interesting”, to  the “ZOMFG I CAN’T WAIT!” electrifying nerdiness  that I’m feeling right now was this fantastically interesting blog post by Sven Efftinge, on the usage of Xtext in the automotive industry (namely BMW). Do read.

(And in case you’re wandering, yes, that’s really Greek reggae and the band is called Locomondo)

One thought on “Me wanna Xtext

  1. Hey, I have actually built our Umple language on Xtext, I was able to use most of Xtext features, but not everything, Xtext documentation is too little. I would like to attend that Eclipse Modeling day, but registration is closed :/

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